Thank-you for considering Pitzer Ranch’s stallions for breeding your mares. This will answer some of the most frequently answered questions about breeding. We have several stallions available to choose from. Search the website for more information about our stallions. It lists their pedigrees, accomplishments, and stud fees.

You will want to book early as many of our stallions fill up fast. If you have difficulty in deciding which stud to breed to we will be happy to discuss sire strengths, characteristics, and marketability with you to help decide which might be the best possible cross with the characteristics of your mare.
We are fortunate to have Ord Animal Clinic at our ranch. They are good vets and reasonably priced compared to bills from breeding farms around the country. Our mare care rates are $7.50 in the pasture (grain included) or $12.50 in stall or pens where they have to be hand fed. No extra charge for wet mares other than vaccinations/vet work they may receive.

To book to breed mares at our ranch we need:

1. Check for stud fee of the stallion you are booking to
2. Photocopy of you mare’s papers with your address & phone written at the bottom
3. List date foal was born, its sire, and current vaccinations the mare & foal have received along with coggins test results for the mare

If it won’t work to bring your mare to our ranch for breeding, some of our studs have semen for shipping to you. Frozen semen is sold in addition to the stud fee. It takes 4 straws per breeding and is sent 8 straws per shipment/mare. After payment is received we contact the semen center and they ship the straws to your location. The shipping tank will keep the semen frozen for about a week, which will allow enough time to get it to you. You will need to have arrangements made to get it immediately transferred to your permanent storage upon arrival. There is a call tag attached and UPS will stop back in a couple days to return it to the semen center. The center prefers to ship on Mondays to avoid weekend layovers and wasted days getting semen to your permanent tank. Order now to avoid breeding season rush and the possibility that all the shipping tanks are tied up. That’s the benefit of frozen over cooled—it’s at your place NOW and just waiting for the day that your mares need it. No more worries about last minute shipping connections and timing compared with cooled semen.

If you decide to breed at your location rather than at Pitzer Ranch we need:

1. A copy of your mare’s papers with your address & phone # including the name, address, & phone # of where the semen is to be sent written on it (this is usually your address or the vet’s).

2. A check for the fee on the stud you wish to breed to (rebreeds skip this step) We now accept Visa/Master Card

3. Add payment of $160 (8 straws of semen at $20/straw). We can ship for several stallions in the same shipment as the straws are individually marked.

4. Also add $200 for container/nitrogen/postage costs. (additional $ for overnight)

Contact us to complete your booking and if you have any other questions.
Thank-you for your interest in Pitzer Ranch stallions.
Pitzer Ranch (308) 653-2134
Jim Brinkman




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