HPI Eligible Sires

We welcome new stallions for our HPI Sire Eligibility Class.  Would you like to add your stallion?  Please call us to discuss requirements and specifics!

Beginning with the 2024 Colt Crop, the HPI Sire yearly nomination fee will increase to $800/year. We are entering into our 14th year of the HP Ranch Horse Invitational. With a slight increase in Sire Nomination Fees, we will be able to award even more money in the annual competition. The contest currently pays out over $110,000.00. With an increase in sire payments and event entry fees, the highest paying ranch horse event in the country will continue to draw interest and result in higher prices for HPI Eligible offspring. A big β€œThank you” to everyone who has been a part of the incentive and continues to do so! We are looking forward to more growth and the continuation of high quality horses in the future!

HPI Eligible Sire Payment & Nomination Online Entry Form

Payments due by March 1st each year.  

If you would like to pay up a previous year’s colt crop please contact our office.

HPI Paid-Up Sires LIsted Below
as of July 25, 2023