Huff Family

My 10 year old and 13 year old pooled their money to buy this filly last fall. They were super excited when her sire won a World Championship. We are rodeo people and never dreamed we’d be in a halter class. Today my youngest son showed her in an open halter class. The filly is by Smart Nu Shiner and out of Eyes Passionate. Just thought I’d share some pics with you guys.Huff Family & Smart Nu Shiner X Eyes Passionate

2015 & 2016 HPI Champions

Left to Right:   2016 Champion Show Me A River with the Doggett Girls and 2015 Champion Pretty Red Diamond with the Pudwill Boys.  Taking a break from the roping to give their “owners” some play time!


Tien Family & Two Reds

Two Reds
Mr Joes Song X Reds Little Pearl (Mr Baron Red)
1998 Sorrel Gelding

“Im sharing a few pictures of this Pitzer bred gelding my daughter has been blessed with as her first show horse. This gelding is famous in her eyes, and made up of everything she believes a horse should be. He has been a Godsend to our family!! Thank The Lord for Pitzer bred horses!”

-Ashlee Tien

Bartenders Skips

emily Feldhause barney bartender

“Just wanted to share one of ur amazing old guys still killing it! Hes a 1998 model and he has given us so much. He has bonded his 3 owners. He was bought by Amanda Klein as a 2 yr old who took him to nationals in breakaway was sold at about 13 to a now close friend who traded “yes traded” to me for our son to learn on at age 5. Little did we know he would take my daughter to high school finals in breakaway. He is our go to horse for beginners and any child who experiences his kind gentle face is hooked! His registered name is Bartenders Skips out of Barney Bartender and Peaches Lace and he is priceless!” -Emily Feldhaus

Todd Wellmann & Heza Hilt Two Watch

Heza Hilt Two Watch 2

Todd Wellmann and Heza Hilt Two Watch (T-Bone) have had a great start to Buckskin World Show in Tulsa, OK. His all around talent was taken into the speed world, Stakes Race World Champion and Barrels Reserve World Champion. They are looking forward Ranch Riding later this week! A big thank you to Texan Trailer for helping us keep on going down the road!

Lori Ann Klinglesmith & Genuine Boots

“Here’s to the other half of this incredible team…..Boots! You have done a remarkable job Lori Ann of making a calf horse out of this little yellow guy in such a short time. Your patience and perseverance are admirable ❤️. Thank you Boots for being constant, steady and reliable and for taking care of my Lori Annie.”  -Jackie Klinglesmith19059965_1995940963958482_2968024403937679225_n

Watch Joes Girl

watch mare

“A 30 year old mare, Watch Joes Girl, will forever remain in our hearts. Sired by the great Watch Joe Jack, she was born 4/26/86. One day later at the Pitzer sale, the only person interested in a just born colt and an unbroken broodmare was my thrifty friend Bob Swartzlander who bought the pair for $500.00. Girl became his go to horse so willing, strong, and unflappable on the trails and a state champion 4H horse in trail and pleasure for his son Mike. I took it hard when Bob died an untimely death in 2001, but I was honored that he wanted me to have Girl. Girl was not only the most reliable rider ever, but she was also a looker. Judging teams used her as an ideal. Several years ago at the Grundy County 4-H Fair, Girl, well into her 20s, didn’t win the Halter Class. Kelly cried feeling bad for Girl. I comforted her by telling her that “Grandma couldn’t win the fair queen contested either.” Bob, she is back in your hands. I did my best. Enjoy her till we meet again.”     -Dave & Judy Stewart