What’s in a Brand?

Each year the Pitzer Ranch brands the entire foal crop.  Every foal is registered with the American Quarter Horse Association and each one is given a special set of numbers indicating their sire and dam, along with the lazy HP Ranch brand.

Why do we brand? 

With over 350 broodmares in production it is important that each horse is easily identifiable in pasture or in a sorting alley.  The set of numbers that each horse carries serves as a way to communicate, record and operate a broodmare band of it’s size.  The numbers also help to “pair” the colts with their mothers.  One of the main reasons identifcation at Pitzer Ranch is so important to us.

When do we brand? 

The weanlings are branded each year at the end of June.  We lead them, vaccinate, worm, clip their manes and take sale photos all in the same day.  Roaching the manes gives the colts a cleaner look and showcases their neck.  It’s always a labor intensive day, but of course well worth it in the end!

The lazy HP on the left thigh is an easily recognizable logo for Pitzer Ranch customers and followers.  Only horses bred and raised at the Pitzer Ranch receive it. We are proud of our heritage and the HP of course, pays tribute to our founder, Howard Pitzer.  Whether it’s at horse shows, sales or a competition, the set of numbers and the lazy HP can be spotted from afar and many a conversation or breeding decision have been made based off the ID system.  The “mare brand” gives the great mares here the recognition and identity they deserve.  Many people follow certain mares each year because they have a half sibling or just enjoy that family.  By branding our herd we make keeping track of this easier for our customers!  

What do the numbers stand for?

Most weanlings are branded with their dam’s permanent number on the left buttock and the sire’s single digit number on the right buttock.  On occasion, a filly is only given a set of numbers on her right buttock.  In this instance she is a “keeper” and the number assigned will always be her “permanent number”.  She will stay on the ranch to become a show horse or a broodmare.  Her sire’s number will always be at the top of the brand sequence followed by numbers that pertain to her dam’s number in some way.   

Who’s Behind the Number?

Pitzer Ranch began branding with this number system more than 30 years ago.  Over the years we have had several Stallions standing at stud.  This list shows which stallions are associated with each number.  Broodmares’ permanent numbers are based on their sire’s number.  For example a mare sired by Two Eyed Red Buck will have a permanent number code beginning with a “1” 

0 – Mr Joes Song, Show Me A Song Joes, Mr Two Song Jack, Show Me Duke, Gold Money Joe

1 – Two Eyed Red Buck, Oh Hell Yes

2 – Mr Baron Red, Sensation Cash, Corona Caliente, Favorable Intentions

3 – Mr Tyree Red, Genuine Jack Prince, Remember The Song, Two Eyed Red Baron, Smart Nu Shiner

4 – Joe Jack Honey Bar, Duke Joe Jack, Bucks Dusty Ace, Justa Genuine Jack, Dukixote

5 – Classic Watch, Genuine Hombre, Mr Gold Bucks, Mia Browbeater

6 – Two Id Bartender, Watch Joe Jack, Id Watch, Reds Diamond Jack, Duke Got Jack

7 – The Duke Of Jacks, Eyes On Red, Jack To The Hilt, Royal Blue Quixote, Dukes N Divas

8 –  Joe Jack Red, Eyem All Jacked Up

9 – Audacious To A Te, Hes Dun His Time, Poco Dot Lena, Gunna Wimp Em

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