Mare Breeding


Thank you for considering a Pitzer Ranch stallion to breed to your mare! Here you can find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about breeding your mare at the Pitzer Ranch.

We are fortunate to work with Dr. Terri Bridgman and our Stud Manager Ben Hoepker during each breeding season. They both have many years of experience and strive to be as efficient and timely as possible when attempting to get your mare settled.

We do not send cooled shipped semen on our stallions.  A limited few have frozen semen available for shipping.  Please call our office to discuss frozen breeding options.

We do not charge chute fees.  However, normal charges for palpations, ultrasounds, injections, or unforeseen medical needs will be charged accordingly.

Please give our office a call to discuss breeding options or to schedule a time to bring your mare.

All PAID stud fees will result in a Live Foal Guarantee

Our mare care rates are as follows.

  •  Pasture Bred Stud:  May 10th – July 31st $6.00/day (Pasture Only)
  • Artificial Insemination String:  April-July 31st $9.00/day (Pasture & grain)
  • Artificial Insemination String:  April-July 31st $13.00/day (Individual Stall/Run)

Paperwork Required to Breed a Mare:

  • Payment for Stud Fee
  • Photo Copy of Mare’s Papers
  • Foaling Date (if applicable)